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Pennsylvania Health Insurance

pa-statePennsylvania chose a federally facilitated health exchange when the ACA “Affordable Care Act had taken effect. The exchange is service by The also initially did not adopt Medicaid expansion. The state did eventually expand the Medicaid under the ACA and the low uninsured rate then became more substantial.

As with all states, Pennsylvania’s to its public health and healthcare reform as well as it’s access to affordable healthcare has had an impact on PA residents.

In the year 2015, Pennsylvania’s placement on America’s Health Rankings was 29 out of the 50 states when it came to overall health. The rating for PA is helped by the number of uninsured which was the 10 lowest state of those ranked. Ranked 11th best for primary care physicians and 19th best for number of dentist.

Prior to the ACA being implemented in PA. Pennsylvania’s uninsured rate was 11% which was the 7th lowest rate in the nation.

Approximately 360,000 people obtain healthcare coverage in 2014 when the ACA took effect.  This included Medicaid and CHIP, private plans found through the Pennsylvania exchange at the time of the first open enrollment.

In 2015 Pennsylvania then expanded Medicaid which was initially done with a waiver allowing more residents to get coverage.  The uninsured rate for Pennsylvania then dropped to 7.4% from 2013-2015.


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