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Tips for how to choose a health insurance plan

health_insurance3 things you should know before choosing an insurance plan.

It can be very complicated when trying to choose an insurance plan and there are a few things to know that can make choosing the right plan for you simpler.

  1. Understanding the 4 metal categories – The health insurance plans are organized into 4 categories, Bronze – Silver – Gold – Platinum. The categories show you how much your plan share costs. Remember that the categories do not have anything to do with the quality of care you receive.
  2. The total cost for your health care – You pay a monthly premium (bill) each month to your insurance company whether you use your medical services for that month. You must pay some out of pocket costs when you receive care including deductibles. When shopping for plans it is important that you think about both types of costs.
  3. Types of Plans and Networks – Types include PPO, HMO, POS & EPO – Some of the types of plans will allow you access to almost any of the doctors or health care facilities while others may limit the amount of choices you have or even charge you more if you choose to use providers that are outside the insurance network.

Remember these plans can be different in the quality and for 2017’s plan year, a pilot program is being introduced by to present quality star ratings for health insurance for some of the plans. This year Virginia and Wisconsin are featuring the quality ratings.

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